Backwater Assault Hand Paddle

Backwater Assault Hand Paddle

Backwater Assault Hand Paddle


Backwater Assault Hand Paddle

The Assault Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle was developed for the "sit-in" or "sit-on-top" kayak sportsmen. The 22 inch long plastic hand paddle provides excellent reach to the water for maneuverability, as well as enough length to grab onto or shove off obstacles.

It takes two hands to manipulate a kayak paddle, no matter how light the paddle. Unfortunately, having only two hands, you are either forced to paddle or fish


Place the ASSAULT Hand Paddle between your legs or within easy reach. When it is time to stalk prey or set up a shot, just grab the twelve ounce (12 oz) hand paddle and stealthily maneuver your rig within range. Fishing rods, cameras and hunting gear stay at the ready.

ASSAULT'S patented hook design in the blade provides a more versatile function in kayak mobility. Trees, limbs, stumps, throw lines or other boats can be easily snagged or secured by the hand paddle to provide maneuverability or a stationery platform. Kayak fishermen and hunters can use the paddle hook to retrieve lines and decoys.

The ASSAULT'S patented teeth design provide positive purchase should you decide to shove or push off objects.

The Assault Hand Paddle revolution is ON.


  • Polypropylene Plastic
  • UV Protection
  • Floats
  • Length: 22” | 56cm
  • Width: 6” | 15.25cm
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs | 0.34kg
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