Hobie Trax 2-30 Plug-in Cart Kayak Inflatable Tire

Hobie Trax 2-30 Plug-in Cart Kayak Inflatable Tire

Hobie Trax 2-30 Plug-in Cart Kayak Inflatable Tire

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Kayak Carts are a must for easily transporting your kayak from car to water’s edge. Simply roll the kayak down to the water and off you go! All of the latest Hobie Kayaks can use "Plug-in" carts. "Plug-in" carts do just that... they plug right into the bottom of your kayak. Choose Standard for light duty and solid surfaces, Heavy Duty for heavy loads and rough terrain or the "all-terrain" Hobie Trax "2" version which is the best over soft sand. Each cart has a sturdy stainless steel frame. Some older models or other brands of kayaks may require the use of a cart that straps on.

The Trax "2-30" Cart has 30 cm (blow-molded polyurethane) pneumatic tires. These tires have a high capacity and are very durable! Welded Stainless steel frame. Wheels are easily removable (quick twist knob to unlock wheels) for storage. (242 lb Capacity) This is the best all around cart for soft sand and uneven terrain. The tires are wide and can be deflated for better performance over softer sand and soil.

Cart Keeper Feature

Standard on Hobie Plugin carts! After insertion of the cart, pull the dome pin out and re-insert as shown to keep the cart captive.

Post Collar / Clamp Feature

Collar clamps help to reduce the direct loading of the cart on your kayak’s bottom / keel. Direct loads on hull bottoms can cause deformation of the kayak. Even loading at scuppers and hull bottom reduces hull-bottom deformation issues



Be certain that the cart inserts clear through the kayak and protrudes into the cockpit / cargo area surface. Kayaks should never be left on carts for prolonged periods of time.

For Tandem Island purchase part# 80044202 to help disperse load

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